Plug Into The Future With Socket Solar

Socket Solar is the easy, fast way to install and produce your own electricity without the hassle and cost of contractors. You can install 1 panel or up to 8 with our simple assembly and then plug our kit directly into your standard electrical socket to start generating your own solar electric power within 30 minutes of receiving your kit!

Little roof space? No southern roof exposure? No problem! With the Socket Solar Panel kit, you can install your solar panels either directly on the ground or mount them off of a deck or a sturdy fence. The mounting is included with our kit.

Is your yard shaded by trees? Socket Solar Panel Kits only use micro-inverters which are less effected by shade than standard solar panels.

The Socket Solar Panel kit comes with both high quality panels and micro-inverters. You know what panels and micro-inverters you are getting prior to shipment. Don’t be fooled by other products. We use the same high quality components other solar installers use around the world for large commercial installations. Buy now!

Our Mission

To provide our customers with affordable energy while reducing our carbon footprint.


For more information about solar energy and how solar can save you money..

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